Michele is an Associate with Shift Studio

Shift Studio has WiseWays Yoga, developed by Michele

Located in Grandview Heights, near downtown Columbus, Ohio, Shift, formerly WiseWays Movement Arts and Education, offers WiseWays Yoga classes plus other mindful fitness sessions for you and your family. WiseWays Yoga and Movement Passes are honored at Shift! 1520 W 1st Ave Columbus OH  go to www.shiftgrandview.com

WiseWays Yoga was created by Michele Mangione, PhD, where everyone from novices to professionals explore the healing and healthful benefits of this gently active and safe yoga. The yoga sessions are taught by nationally registered instructors who have been personally trained in the WiseWays tradition of movement arts by Michele Mangione who has earned the highest teacher level with Yoga Alliance. Additionally, WiseWays Yoga is a registered Yoga Teacher Training school. 

The cornerstone of the WiseWays Yoga philosophy is providing a highly intelligent and personalized experience to each and every student based on individual goals, body type and potential. Through WiseWays Yoga, students practice integrative movements to soothe aching joints and muscles, engage core strengtheners for stability, and  find a peaceful center -- releasing the stresses of everyday living. Happiness.

With WiseWays Yoga You Will Enjoy: 

  • Small sized classes
  • Knowledgeable, certified WiseWays Yoga instructors
  • Supportive and individualized attention

The studio environment was designed to be peaceful, calming, and comfortable. It features a suspended wood floor, to help cushion feet and joints. This special floor is heated in cold weather by a hypocaust system (under-floor tubing that circulates warm water), and the studio is air-conditioned in warm weather.

For Every-body
If you are seeking a supportive approach to restore your flexibility, strength and personal peace, we invite you to experience WiseWays Yoga.
contact Michele 
614-488-3041    agelessways@gmail.com
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​Ageless Ways: a bodymind and evolutionary approach to health for every-body

phone: 614-488-3041  email: agelessways@gmail.com  URL: http://www.agelessways.com​

A bodymind and evolutionary approach to health for every-body.

Ancient and leading edge movement, meditation, eating and lifestyle protocols that support you and prime health.

With a lifetime of experience, research and teaching, Michele has developed effective and fun choices in harmony with our human evolutionary design.

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