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    Ageless Ways: a bodymind and evolutionary approach to health  for every-body

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Shift Studio has WiseWays Yoga
--and Ageless Ways with Michele. Located in Grandview Heights, near downtown Columbus, Ohio.
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Training and Education

I have more than 40 years' experience in the bodymind 
field including a B.A. in Dance, an M.A. in Psychology with a focus on movement and bodywork, and a Ph.D. in Somatic Studies* from The Ohio State University. I am a Certified Ageless Grace (R) Educator (anti-aging exercises almost any one can do!) Additionally, I am a Professional Movement Teacher from the Pierce’s Center of Balance, was trained in massage and polarity energy balancing in California and have a background in counseling. 

My primary teachers are Alexandra and Roger Pierce. Over the years I have also had the good fortune to study with or been inspired by many other exceptional yoga, movement and bodywork teachers.

Tragedy Turns to Triumph

My story begins not at the beginning but with my accident. In my twenties I was studying dance as a healing art when, on a vacation, the small truck I was traveling in went over a cliff. We rolled end over end three times. The driver was OK. I was not. The accident smashed most of my face/skull and broke four of my vertebrae, additionally, I sustained considerable soft tissue damage. 

After the initial recovery I needed to find a way for my broken body to move with pleasure again. Pain was a daily experience. I knew that the suggested pain medication and steroids were not the answer for me.

I continued my bodymind studies and training with a new direction and enthusiasm. Both personally and professionally I was gaining so much. With daily attention to good postural use and an intelligent movement practice, along with other integrative modalities, such as meditation and bodywork, I found the tools I needed to ease pain and feel good. I became a body worker and professional movement teacher, working with others on their challenges and goals. 

WiseWays Yoga and Meditation

From my many wonderful clients and my own committed practice I identified which techniques and methods were truly beneficial--what worked most often for most people. These insights helped me found WiseWays Yoga and Meditation. I had practiced yoga when I was a teenager during the 1970s. After my accident I needed a gentle but strengthening yoga practice for my damaged body. Over time, with help from my teachers, clients, students and trainees along the journey, I developed WiseWays Yoga for Real People with Real Bodies. WiseWays Yoga is an integrative, therapeutic style of yoga.

I have taught yoga since 1986 and have been training yoga and movement teachers since 1998. I have earned the highest Yoga Alliance** ranking: E-RYT 500† and am the director of the WiseWays Yoga Alliance Registered Teacher Training School #26632. In 1997 I opened the WiseWays Movement Arts Studio with the heart and help of many others. After 15 years the studio itself passed along to our long time Tai Chi instructor, Lucy Bartimole and her husband, Brad Campbell, who expanded its offerings and renamed it Shift. I relocated north of Columbus and now am the Program Coordinator and a facilitator at People Place: The Maceyko Center of Well Being at 109 West Second St Cardington OH 43315 www.peopleplaceoh.com

Ageless Ways for Every-Body

For years I instructed and practiced WiseWays yoga, and also movement of all kinds--from postural to playful. All was wonderful and kept me and others in great shape. However, I noticed that changes with aging presented new challenges. 

I researched and explored what my own and others' aging bodies might need--movement, as well as, lifestyle and nutrition.​ The healing or harmful nature of foods were always an interest of mine; especially helpful to me was what is called paleo and primal nutrition, which is an evolutionary understanding of the optimal human diet. There are many solutions to humanities ills found in an evolutionary perspective. 

How to function well, in body and mind, for your entire long life? A juicy life of frolicking fun? Agelessness?

Today's leading edge research is finding answers in the our ancient past. This timeless knowledge has given me even more ways of helping myself and others. My lifelong vocation of teaching posture, movement, meditation, and lifestyle has evolved to include insights, guidelines and practices essential to staying youthful. 

No matter what your age, the prime health for a human body and mind depends upon understanding and applying a bodymind and evolutionary approach. These principles became the roots of Ageless Ways--ways to agelessness for anybody who is not getting any younger.

See                 for ways to play--wise and ageless ways.  FUNctional fitness for you.


In addition to the above listed degrees and certifications, I have been a member of the Yoga Alliance (YA), the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT), the Sensory Awareness Foundation, the Somatics Society, the International Somatics Movement Education and Therapy Association (ISMETA) and trained in Ageless Grace (R). 

* Somatics is the study of ancient and modern bodymind arts and sciences.
** Yoga Alliance is the national registry of yoga teachers and schools that sets the professional standards for the field. Anyone who is seeking yoga teacher training should ensure that the school or program she or he is considering has been registered with Yoga Alliance.
† Registered Yoga Teacher at the Experienced 500-hour level.
PhD Somatics   Yoga Alliance E-RYT 500

My purpose is to empower clients and students by evoking the natural strength, wisdom and joy within us all. 

I love movement play and healing work.
Michele travels for 
custom groups sessions.
She facilitates private sessions, group classes and workshops in Cardington OH 
at People Place.